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December 7, 2012

“Don’t think I’m addicted to mephedrone, just like it.”

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From the Guardian article “Mephedrone: the rise of heroin’s cheap rival” by Max Daly, this link to a report from DrugScope. Their Street Drug Trends Survey from November/December 2012 has the following sidebar:

Freddie, 48 from Barry, ex Army, unemployed, five children.
He is a long term amphetamine injector over the past 24 years.
He started injecting mephedrone in March.

Mephedrone injecting is going to be huge, because it’s so lush. When I first injected mephedrone, it took me off my feet. It’s an immense overwhelming buzz. I went on a three month binge. At the end of it I was so wrecked I couldn’t stop crying for two days, all the emotions flooded out of me. I never usually cry. I couldn’t stop. I take it whenever I have the money, me and my girlfriend have 3 bags a day (cost £10 for 0.7g). Every spare penny after food and water goes on mephedrone. I get ulcers. Mephedrone injecting is huge in Barry. Most of my friends are doing it, a lot of those who usually use heroin. It’s a close knit community so word spreads quick. I steered clear of crack because I was scared of getting hooked. Don’t think I’m addicted to mephedrone, just like it. Once it’s in front of me I have to have it all.

Well…..yes. Certainly the emerging literature is suggesting that mephedrone might have a compulsive use problem. Hadlock and colleagues reported rodent self-administration greater than that for methamphetamine under comparable conditions.


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