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September 17, 2013

Bathsalts involved in 22,904 Emergency Department Visits in the US in 2011

Filed under: 4-MMC/Mephedrone, Cathinones, MDMA, Methylone — mtaffe @ 12:09 pm

Newly released data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network under SAMHSA, detail Emergency Department visits that involved bathsalts in 2011 [PDF].

Samhsa-ER-bathsaltsSep2013Unfortunately I can’t find any definition of the terms so I don’t know if any specific drugs had to be confirmed in body tissues or not. Nor do I know what they lumped under this catchall street-name for their data collecting and analysis. At the very least we have to presume there is some diversity here in terms of the actual drug being used. Mephedrone, methylone and MDPV have to be the suspects based on apparent presence in the US but since medical emergency is presumably rare, it may be that these visits disproportionally represent some other drug. Presumably in the cathinone class…but perhaps not.

One thing that would be of interest, but not something that appears in this dataset, would be a review of symptoms. The presence of “bath salts” with other drug combinations can be interpreted several ways. For example, it could suggest that bathsalts are more of a problem in the presence of other drugs…but symptom discrimination could help. Lethal or near-lethal alcohol and stimulant profiles look very different so if you have an alcohol+bathsalts case that looks like stimulant overdose, the presumption has to be that the alcohol had little to do with it.

In other recent news, three “molly” related deaths over the recent months have been confirmed as involving methylone, MDMA and methylone with MDMA, respectively.


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