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December 20, 2013

MtF 2013: Daily Cannabis Use in Adolescents

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crossposting from SCCAN blog:

The most recent data from the Monitoring the Future study

show that trends for increased daily use of cannabis in 12th graders that emerged 2 years ago have stabilized. Approximately 7% of high school seniors are smoking marijuana almost daily over the past three years. (Daily use in 10th graders has also been creeping upwards and now reflects about 4% of the population.) This means that daily use has increased over the 5-6% of 12th graders using daily from about 97-02 and has reached a rate not observed since the early 1980s. The graphs also show that the proportion of 12th graders who see a “great risk” in using marijuana regularly has been declining steadily for about 8 years, reaching 40% which is a level not reported for 12th graders since about 1979. Perceptions of risk in 10th and even 8th graders has likewise declined over the past 5-6 years in a steady downward trend.

These data confirm that the trends that were suggested by the data from 2011 are a multi-year reality.

As described in a prior post on admissions to substance-use therapy, admissions for marijuana have been on the increase from 1995 to 2010, whereas admissions for alcohol and cocaine have declined. That post also presented data on the tremendous age skew for drug treatment admission in which the majority of adolescents admitted for substance abuse problems had marijuana as the primary indication much more frequently than alcohol.

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