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December 17, 2015

Daily Marijuana Use In Adolescents

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The Monitoring the Future Study of longitudinal drug trends releases the latest updates in December each year. The website has links to the updated tables and a few selected Figures.
2015-DailyPot-MtFThis graph depicts the percentage of 8th, 10th and 12th grade students in the US who indicate that they have used marijuana at least 25 days out of the past 30 (their definition of “Daily” in the survey). For those who want precision, the 2015 numbers are 1.1% for 8th graders, 3.0% for 10th graders and 6% for 12th graders. You may be inclined to view single digit percentages as no big deal. It seems like a small number. One percent? Hardly worth talking about, right?

Except if, as I do, you have children in one or more of these age ranges. And you go so far as to become acquainted with some of your children’s friends and schoolmates. And acquainted with some of their parents. What you quickly realize is that you know at least 50 kids within your child’s circle at least a little bit. Enough to know their name and something about them. Maybe 100. And your kid probably knows at least 200 fairly well.

So look around? Which 1 of these kids is already smoking pot every day in 8th grade? Which 6 are at the end of high school?

EVERY day. Smoking pot. And the odds are very good that this kid is smoking multiple times a day. Staying high for extended periods.

Remember this when you think dismissively to yourself that “that 7th grader looks stoned, hahaha” as I once did before catching myself. I should know better. And even I don’t really think specific kids are the ones smoking pot every day. Until I think about it.

But the stats say they are. Some of them.



It is also the case that 6.5% of 8th graders, 15% of 10th graders and 21% of 12th graders have used marijuana at least once in the past month. 35% of 12th graders in the past year. This means the daily use rate is 17% of 12th graders who have tried marijuana at least once in the past year.


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